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10 frame bottom Boards (entrance reducer sold separately)

10 frame bottom Boards (bottom board reducer sold separately) The bottom board provides the entrance to your hive and gives the bees proper space to work. Our Bottom Board is constructed with ¾” (1.91 cm) plywood that is stapled and...

18/9 Hand Crank Extractor

Great for beekeepers with 15 hives. 18/9 Frame Stainless Steel hand crank extractor can extract 18 shallow, 18 medium or 9 deep frames. Legs included. Now with stainless steel basket. Ships crated and fully assembled by truck. Height On Legs:...

18/9 Motorized Extractor with speed control

Great for beekeepers with 15 hives. Time efficient and convenient. 90 volt, gear driven motor with a max output of 320 RPM 115 volt variable speed control Now with stainless steel basket Weighs 72 lbs 18/9 Extractors measure: Height On...

5 gal Pail with Honey Valve

5 gal Pail with Lid and Honey Valve/Gate Great for storing honey or to fill honey containers.

6/3 Hand Crank Extractor

Perfect for beekeepers that have around 4 hives. Can fit 6 short frames and 3 large frames. Stainless Steel and very convenient. 26 gauge (.478 mm) stainless steel Side crank model with brake Legs are included Holds 3 deep, 3...