Pollination Services

Pollination Services in Niagara

B-Y’S Honey Farm does provide pollination services. Please (905) 984 – 4408 call for pricing.


Bee Removal in Niagara

B-Y’S Honey Farm provides Bee Removal. This include swarms in bushes or trees. Some honey bees may also build homes inside the walls or roofs of houses. This can be a tricky process but B-Y’S provides trained and experienced beekeepers that removes honey bees from houses or buildings with no damages. There is a cost for bee removal inside the homes or buildings.

Wasp / Bumble Bee Removal

Wasp & Bee Removal in Niagara

B-Y’S also provides wasp and bumble bee removal. There is a cost starting at $75. With a guarantee, they will not return to that same location or area.


Bee Swarms in Niagara

Not sure what a honey bee swarm looks like? Bee Swarms when they first arrive look like a cloud of bees, flying everywhere. You cannot miss it. Once the queen has found a place to sit. Usually a tree branch or bush, you will see many bees all clumped together on that specific area. It almost has a football shape to it.


Beginner's Guide to Beekeeping

B-Y’s also offers full-day training courses on Beginners’s Guide to Beekeeping.  Click here for available days and times, and to purchase your spot online.


“B-Y’S honey farm are true professionals, couldn’t be happier with the service I received. I would recommend this company to anyone! Safe, quick and fairly priced. Thanks again, I will be calling you in the future.”
– Sandra Wellington

“I can’t tell you how happy I am since Ed came out and removed a swarm of bees in my backyard. He was informative and professional. B-Y’S honey farm gets my vote for best bee removal experts and friendly reliable service!”
– Bill Thomas

“Being a raw honey addict, I have tried many raw honeys all over Canada. Yours is far the BEST! You probably already know that, so I’m just confirming a fact. Thank you B-Y’S Honey Farm and thank your honey bees for me!”
– Linda Bagwell