Out & About: Farmers’ Markets

Did you know that B-Y’s is also out and about in the community? This summer we have been participating in some local Farmers’ Markets. Currently, you can find us on Thursdays at Brock University from 11:30 – 1:30 pm. It’s a small market for staff and students, but it is open to the public! Come … Continue reading “Out & About: Farmers’ Markets”

Refreshing Honey Lemonade

Everyone loves a sweet treat, but the problem is that refined sugar isn’t the greatest for you. That’s why we’re going to be featuring recipes on our blog that use (in our opinion) the best natural sugar, honey. Today we’re featuring Honey Lemonade, because who doesn’t enjoy a nice refreshing glass of Honey Lemonade after … Continue reading “Refreshing Honey Lemonade”